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Privacy & Terms



This website is the property of Hipkid, Sara Vangindertael.
Registered: Kroonstraat 82, 3018 Wijgmaal, België.
Phone: +32 (0)488 290 570
VAT number: BE 0639.617.802
Hipkid is registered with business registration number 0639.617.802.


  • The general conditions as stated here, apply to all products offered for sale on the Hipkid shop and for all deliveries. Every order implies the general conditions of sale are accepted.
  • Only Belgian Law applies to the general conditions of Hipkid.


Purchase and payment

  • The agreement between Hipkid and the buyer is realised as soon as the buyer has accepted the conditions made by Hipkid and agreed with them. The lack of a traditional signature does not affect the obligatory character of the offer and its acceptation.
  • Hipkid has the right to refuse an order or to subject it to extra conditions, for instance for huge orders, orders placed by minors, when the order procedures have not been completely executed or when previous orders have caused problems.
  • Hipkid will always confirm the order by e-mail. As long as a confirmation e-mail has not been received by the customer, the order is not valid. The confirmation will be send to the e-mail adress, provided by the buyer. It is the responsability of the buyer to ensure the message did not end up in his spam folder.
  • Payment of the products bought at Hipkid can exclusively be made by money transfer or one of the other available methods of payment.
  • All delivered goods remain the property of Hipkid until paid for in full, including all costs and taxes, interest and fees. In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to reclaim the goods by operation of law at the buyers’ expense.
  • When payment is not made in due time, Hipkid has got the autority to cancel the agreement immediately or to delay (futher) delivery of the goods till full payment has been made.


Delivery and time of delivery

  • The stated delivery times are not binding but are provided merely as an indication. Delays in delivery do not constitute grounds for termination of the agreement or for the payment of damages to the buyer, except in the case of deliberate delay.
  • Hipkid reserves the right to carry out partial deliveries. In the event of non-delivery of the goods, any amount paid by the buyer will be reimbursed without interest or other compensation.
  • In case of temporary unavailability of a product ordered by you, we will clearly indicate when it will be available again.
  • As soon as the goods have been delivered at the delivery adress, the risk concerning these products is the purchaser’s responsibility.
  • For deliveries abroad the general conditions may be different.
  • Hipkid delivers in the following countries: Belgium, 
  • Deliveries are made exclusively through bpost ( The courier service may vary due to weight, delivery adress, e.c.. The buyer will be informed in advance. For more information about our logistic partners, please contact us.
  • Incorrect delivery addresses are the responsibility of the buyer and may result in additional costs.
  • You will be informed about shipping and delivery costs before your purchase is confirmed. If shipping costs cannot be calculated automatically, this will be mentioned and/or an estimation of the shipping costs will be forwarded.


 Product information 

  • We provide as accurately as possible information, images, oral information, price quotes etc. concerning the goods offered and the main characteristics of the goods given by phone or e-mail. Hipkid does not accept responsibility for advice it has provided, printing errors on the website or technical information provided by suppliers or manufacturers.
  • For every product availability is mentioned. Goods that are not in stock or (temporarily) cannot be delivered, cannot be bought. They can appear on the website, but a purchase button  will be absent. Hipkid tries to provide correct information, yet it can occur that goods that cannot be delivered, due to unintentional wrong stock data or goods that can’t be delivered by the suppliers. In such a case Hipkid will contact you as soon as possible and offer you a solution.
  • The products offered by Hipkid comply with legal standards and can be sold online.
  • Possibly Hipkid includes in its website links to other sites that could be interesting or informative for the visitor. These links are of an exclusively informative nature. Hipkid is not responsible for the contents of these sites, nor for its use.


Time for reflection and returns

  • In the framework of remote sales to consumers subject to the Law of 6th of April 2010, consumers have the right to inform the seller of their wish to cancel the purchase, without justification and without penalty within 14 calendar days of delivery. 
  • In the event the buyer wishes to make recourse to this right, he/she is required to inform the seller by phone or by letter within 14 calendar days following the day of delivery.
  • The buyer is required to return all goods in original condition and packaging at his/her own risk and expense to Hipkid, Kroonstraat 82, 3018 Wijgmaal, Belgium. Understamped or not stamped shipments are always refused and will be sent back to the sender.
  • Goods specifically designed for the buyer cannot be accepted. In such cases, the buyer cannot make recourse to any right of renunciation.
  • Hipkid returns the complete amount of the purchase, including shipping costs, within 30 days after the goods have been returned. If goods have not been returned in accordance with the conditions of the right to cancel, the amount of the purchase including the shipping costs, will not or not completely be returned. The product, in this case, remains your property. On your demand the goods can be sent back to you on the condition of payment of the shipping costs.



  • In order to be admissible, complaints must reach us: (a) in the case of complaints related to non-conformity of deliveries, within 8 days following receipt of the goods and (b) in the case of hidden faults, within 8 days following the discovery of the fault or the moment by which time such a discovery could reasonably be expected to have taken place. Acceptance of the goods by the buyer covers every possible fault or non-conformity observable at that time.
  • The costs for returning the goods that are covered by (a) non-conformity of deliveries or (b) hidden faults, will be borne by Hipkid.
  • Hipkid will deal with complaints within the reasonable period of 7 calendar days.



  • The warranty of Hipkid is limited to the warranty for hidden faults and the warranty in the case of consumer purchases, as stipulated  in the Civil Code.
  • Hipkid may only be held liable for damage in the event of deliberate act or gross negligence. Hipkid is not liable for any indirect damages whatsoever which may have been incurred by the buyer.

Force Majeure

  •  Hipkid is not responsible for delays in the execution or the non-execution of its commitments arising as a result of events outside its normal control, including production interruptions, difficulties in acquiring or shortages of raw materials, work force, energy or transport or delays in transport, strikes, lock outs, work interruptions or other collective labour disputes, whether or not they are directly related to ourselves or our suppliers and this even in the event these events are foreseeable.



  • Before settling the bill, you are notified of the price of the goods. All prices are on euros and include VAT. Shipment costs are mentioned separately.
  • Agreeing a price with the customer does not omit the right of Hipkid to raise the price.
  • If a price is risen after the agreement was made, the customer can cancel the agreement, independently from the percentage of the raise.
  • Offers are valid as long as the goods are in stock and for the period that is mentioned.
  • A personal offer has a validity of 2 weeks, unless another period has been stated on the offer.


  • Invoices are payable in full to our head office at Kroonstraat 82, 3018 Wijgmaal, Belgium by the due date and without discount unless otherwise indicated on the invoice.
  • In order to be admissible, all complaints related to invoices must be formulated in detail and sent by registered mail within 3 days following receipt of the relevant invoice.
  • In case of late payment, interest will be charged on the invoice  amount owing by operation of law and without the necessity of any prior notice of default at a rate of 1% per month from the invoice date. In the event of non-payment and in the event a reminder sent by normal post has not been effectual within 14 days, a fixed fee will be payable equal to 10% of the amount owing. We reserve the right in the event of non-payment of an invoice in part or in full by the due date or in the event of any other breach of the buyer’s obligations with respect to the agreement, to suspend the execution of or immediately terminate all agreements with the buyer by operation of law, without implication of default and without the need for any judicial intervention and to demand payment of all amounts owing, even with respect to invoices not yet past due, or to deliver gooeds only upon payment in cash, notwithstanding any earlier agreements or any other rights to which we may be entitled.
  • Not immediately responding to any shortcoming on the side of the buyer can in no way be considered as a relinquishment of our right to pursue this shortcoming at a later date.


Rights of intellectual ownership

  • The content of this site, including brands, logos, drawings, data, names of products or companies, texts, images etc. are protected by intellectual rights and belong to Hipkid or third parties who own the rights.



  •  All agreements concluded with the seller are subject to Belgian law. All disputes are the exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.
  •  All disagreements originated by offers or deals made by Hipkid shall be filed only before the authorized Court of Justice at Leuven, unless an imperative statutory provision indicates another jurisdiction as authorized.



  • All orders from the internet site of Hipkid imply the explicit permission of the buyer to allow the processing and use of his/her personal information for such purposes as administration of a customer database, the management of orders, deliveries and invoices, marketing and advertising. 
  • The processing of such information for marketing purposes and individual advertising will only take place upon the buyers explicit declaration of agreement during the ordering process. Hipkid will not transfer this information to third parties. 
  • The buyer has the right to view and correct all information. The buyer also has the right at all times to oppose the processing of his/her personal information for direct marketing purposes and this without personal cost. 
  • For more information, the buyer is invited to consult the public register held by the Privacy Protection Commission in Brussels.



  • All parties accept the validity of electronic proof in the framework of their relations (e.g. e-mail, backups, etc.).



  • If any article of these general conditions is declared null and void, this invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining articles.


Ordering at Hipkid demands that you enter your personal information. However we do our utmost to guarantee your privacy and your personal information is safe with us.


Personal information

We use this information for the administration of your orders, deliveries and invoices, the monitoring of payments and marketing purposes and advertising. The latter only as far as you have given your permission during the ordering process.

You have the right at all times to refrain of advertising and marketing campaigns. You can sign out at all times, either by clicking the sign-out link at the bottom of the e-mails or by sending an e-mail to We will immediately stop sending you e-mails or newsletters.

Witch information do we ask you and will be used?                                                                       

  1. Your name, address and phone number. These are used to deal with your order correctly.             
  2. Your e-mail address, to keep you informed about the status of your order.                          
  3. Payment information such as credit card or bank account number (through the secured server of Paypal) to finish yout order safely.


When we receive and transfer your information on our website, we always use encryption technologies that are recognized as the current standards within the IT-sector. We take precautions to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. The number of your credit card and its maturity will be entered through the secured server of Paypal. We can never see your credit card details or request this information. Shopping at Hipkid is completely safe thanks to the good cooperation with paypal.



If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy or data processing, contact us:                

  1. by e-mail:                                                                                             
  2. by phone: +32 (0)488 290 570                                                                                         
  3. by mail: Kroonstraat 82, 3018 Wijgmaal, Belgium                                                                     

We grant access to your personal information and we give you the opportunity to correct all your personal information at all times. If you wish to be granted access to your personal information or you wish to correct your personal information, please contact us at the address mentioned above.


Your personal data are never given, sold or handed to third parties.


Hipkid can use consumer information for new purposes not yet foreseen in our privacy policy. In that event, we shall contact you before using your personal data, to inform you on the changes to our policy for the protection of personal data and to offer you the chance to refuse your participation in this.


If you feel our website is not compliant with our privacy policy, please contact us, at the adress mentioned above.