About Hipkid

Hipkid spoils babies and parents with original cuddly toys and bedding that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Don't ask Hipkid designer Saar Vangindertael to describe her own collection ... It's just not possible. She sets an unbelievably high standard for each and every individual creation. In a nutshell, Hipkid is not just about design, colour, materials and proportions ... Hipkid is about 'soul'. Hipkid is a connection with a life you treasure. And that treasures you.

This is why, for Saar, Hipkid can absolutely not become a mass-produced product. Hipkid is not about hypes! When you feel the love in a Hipkid creation, you'll know it's something special for your little one to share. At the same time, Saar enjoys an ambitious dream: for as many children as possible, from anywhere in the world, to have a Hipkid to love and to treasure. Her inspiration? Those precious childhood memories of soft and snuggly blankets with satin edges ... on Nanna's bed.